Educational Technology User GuidesZoomUsing Breakout RoomsFor Hosts: How do I manage self-assigned breakout rooms during my Zoom meeting?

For Hosts: How do I manage self-assigned breakout rooms during my Zoom meeting?

In a Zoom meeting, the host and co-hosts have access to the breakout room panel, and can manage the breakout rooms.

NOTE: We highly recommend that only one person manage the breakout rooms in any given Zoom meeting — do not pass control back and forth if you can avoid it.

NOTE: Updating to the latest version of the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device is important for having access to the latest tools and security features.

To learn how to update, visit: Upgrade / update to the latest version

In your Zoom meeting, click "Breakout Rooms" in the Zoom toolbar to open the Breakout Rooms window

NOTE: You may need to click the "More" button in the toolbar to access the "Breakout Rooms" button.

The host will see the Breakout Rooms option on their Zoom toolbar (as long as it is enabled in their meeting settings). Once the host clicks to create the breakout rooms, there are three options. To allow participants to self-assign, choose the desired number of rooms and click the 'Let participants choose room' option, then click 'Create'.

Indicate the number of breakout rooms and select "Let participants choose room", then click "Create"

To open the rooms and make them available for self-selection by participants, click "Open All Rooms"

Participants can now self-assign to rooms

Participants can move from one breakout room to another by re-assigning themselves

As host you can see who has joined which room, and you can see who has not yet joined a room. Their status will show as "Unassigned". You can manually assign them to a room if you wish.

As host you can move participants from one room to another by clicking "Move To"

You will continue to see who is in which room. You can also join any room at any time, from the "main" meeting room.

As host you can join any room at any time from the "main" meeting room. Mouse over the number of participants to the right of a room name, and click "Join"

You can send an announcement to participants in all rooms by  clicking "Broadcast Message to All" at the bottom of the Breakout Rooms window

To close the breakout rooms click "Close All Rooms". Participants will be notified that the rooms will be closed.

For information on managing Zoom breakout rooms visit: Managing Breakout Rooms

For information you can send to your students about using self-assigned breakout rooms visit: How do I access self-assigned breakout rooms in Zoom?