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For Hosts: Zoom Meetings with Self-Assigned Breakout Rooms

Upgrade to the latest version of the app.

If you do not upgrade to the latest version of the app, you will not be  able to self-select the breakout rooms. To learn more about upgrading  your Zoom app, you can go here:

If you wish to join the meeting from your mobile device, you must also update to the latest version of the Zoom app on that device as well. The self-selecting breakout room feature is not available on older versions of the app.

The host will create the breakout rooms.

The host will see the Breakout Rooms option on their Zoom toolbar (as long as it is enabled in their meeting settings). Once the host clicks to create the breakout rooms, there are three options. To allow participants to self-assign, choose the desired number of rooms and click the 'Let participants choose room' option, then click 'Create'.

The rooms will be created and will sit empty, waiting for the host to open them.

The host will open the breakout rooms.

Once the breakout rooms are open, the participants will be able to self-assign. The host will see which participants have joined which room, as well as any students who have not joined a room (they are in an 'Unassigned' status - the host can use the 'Assign To' link to assign a student if they wish).

While the rooms are open, students can roam from room to room, re-assigning themselves as they wish. The host will continue to see which participant is in which room, even as they move. As always, the host can join any room from the main meeting.

On a PC, the join link is easily visible.

On a Mac, the join link is in the same place, but only becomes visible when the host hovers over the number of participants in that room.

More information on managing Zoom breakout rooms lives here:

Information that you can send to your students regarding self-assigned breakout rooms lives here: