How can I record with Zoom?

Zoom meetings can be recorded while they are in progress. Although the entire meeting can be recorded, we recommend recording only the needed sections, as there are limitations on how much recorded video you can store in a Tufts Zoom account.

Follow these instructions to record during a Zoom meeting —

Once you have the Zoom meeting running, click "Record" to start recording

Choose "Record to the Cloud"

There will be an audio announcement to participants in the meeting that "This meeting is being recorded".

When done recording, click "Stop" to stop recording

Choose "Yes" to confirm

There will be an audio announcement in the meeting that "The recording has stopped".

Your recording will be saved to

NOTE: Zoom meetings that you had scheduled in the Canvas-Zoom dashboard, and that you have recorded to the cloud, will be listed in the dashboard under "Cloud Recordings".

You'll get an email when your recording is ready, click the link to view the recording

Click the "Share" button next to a recording to see options for sharing

Select sharing options as needed

For example, you can:

  • Share the recording publicly or privately
  • Enable or disable the option for students to download a copy
  • Copy the link to share with your students so they can stream the recording. You'll find the link in the Recording Link Information box.

You can also download your recording to your computer and upload it to Canvas My Media / Media Gallery to share with students.

NOTE: we recommend this option, as you have unlimited storage for video in Canvas My Media and Media Gallery

See: How can I add a Zoom recording to Canvas?