Educational Technology User GuidesZoom Using Breakout RoomsFor Hosts: Managing Pre-Assigned breakout rooms during the session

For Hosts: Managing Pre-Assigned breakout rooms during the session

Open the Break Out Room Window

You may need to click the "More" button to access the break out rooms button.

If you are not the host you will not be able to access the breakout rooms button. Co-hosts, and alternative hosts can not control break out rooms. 

Check Break Out Rooms

Participants will not be in their break out rooms yet, you will need to assign them.

Recover Break Out Rooms to pre-assigned rooms

You will need to push the "recover to pre-assigned rooms" IMMEDIATLY before you "Open All Rooms"

Zoom only checks the current participants against the pre-assigned list when you click the button. So if you click that button, and then new students log into the meeting they will NOT be assigned to their break out room. Therefore you must click the "Recover to pre-assigned rooms" at the last possible moment before you click "Open All Rooms"

Open All Rooms to Send the Partipants to their Breakout Rooms

Manually Assign Others

The process often leaves a few participants out of the break out rooms. You will need to assign them to the correct break out rooms manually in the break out room window. It is a best practice to have a list of participants and their break out rooms on hand to make this process easier.  

Click on the Assign button or the number next to the room name. 

Join Break Out Rooms as Needed

Close Break Out Rooms to Return Everyone to the Main Room

Open ALL Rooms to Resend Participants to Break Out Rooms