Educational Technology User GuidesZoom Using Breakout RoomsCreating a Pre-assigned breakout rooms (Tufts participants only)

Creating a Pre-assigned breakout rooms (Tufts participants only)

When using this setup, participants need to claim their official Tufts zoom account before the start of the meeting. See "What to send to students" to learn more. 

If you create the meeting in Canvas, go to and log in to edit your meeting settings in order to add the breakout rooms. At this time, pre-assignment works on all occurrences of a recurring meeting, but not on a single occurence.

Enable Breakout Room Pre-Assign

Open the settings menu in the left hand navigation. Scroll down to Meeting (advanced) section.

Open the meeting settings and enable Breakout Rooms

Click Import CSV

Upload Your CSV file

The Zoom username format is very specific and you will NEED to follow these instructions How to Create the Breakout Room .CSV in order to create a list of students that Zoom will recognize.

If you enter an Zoom username that is incorrect, you will not get any feedback from Zoom. 

Confirm your rooms and Save

Only authenticated users can join

Checking this box means that participants will only be able to join the meeting if they are logged in to a Tufts Zoom account. 

A dropdown menu will appear where you can select “Tufts University” (users can only join if logged in to a Tufts Zoom account).

Users who are not logged with their Tufts account will be excluded from the meeting.

Note the meeting ID

What to send to students

Adapt the following message to send to your students.

For our upcoming session on DATE AND TIME, we will be using the breakout room feature for our small group activities.

To log in to this meeting you will need to be logged into your official tufts account. Follow these instructions to claim your account: How do I log into Zoom?


When you are presented with a login screen you should choose Sign in with SSO. 

If you create this meeting in, a canvas calendar invite was not created for students. If students typically find your meeting invites in their Canvas calendar you may want to create a calendar invite with the above info.

You can also use the canvas inbox or canvas announcements to send this information to your students.

To learn more about running a meeting with break out rooms you can go here: For Hosts: Managing Pre-Assigned break out rooms during the session