Creating Pre-assigned breakout rooms

Zoom can only assign your participants to a Pre-assigned breakout room if you have entered their Zoom username correctly AND they are logged in as that user. 

There are many pitfalls in this approach. Users have multiple email aliases at Tufts that all work as emails, but only one is their Zoom user name. Users can join most meetings without logging in at all. A user could also be logged in with another username and not realize which account they are using.

It is very likely that, even if you do everything correctly, you will need to manually assign some users to the correct break out room. 

For this reason, you may want to consider using another method for creating your break out rooms: Introduction to creating small group activities in Zoom

Open the meeting settings and Select "Only authenticated users can join"

It is strongly recommended that you select Tufts University. 

If you select Tufts University, only users who have and tufts username and password can attend. This is the most restrictive but will ensure that your participants log in as the user you previously entered.

If anyone in your meeting does not have Tufts credentials, we still recommended that you require everyone to log in to zoom.  While this will not ensure they log in with the username you expect, it will reduce the number of participants that need to be manually assigned to the break out rooms.

Enable Breakout Rooms pre-assign

Assign Participants

"Create Rooms" to assign participants in the interface

It is highly recommended that you type in your users and then select from the dropdown. This will ensure that the zoom username is correct. If you simply paste in the users email, the system will not check if this email is a valid user in the tufts system.

Alternatively, "Import from CSV" file to Assign Participants

The Zoom username format is very specific and you will NEED to follow these instructions How to Create the Breakout Room .CSV in order to create a list of students that Zoom will recognize.

If you enter a Zoom username that is incorrect, you will not get any feedback from Zoom. 

Confirm your rooms and Save

What to send to students

Adapt the following message to send to your students.

For our upcoming session on DATE AND TIME, we will be using the breakout room feature for our small group activities.

To log in to this meeting you will need to be logged into your official tufts account. Follow these instructions to claim your account: How do I log into Zoom?


When you are presented with a login screen you should choose Sign in with SSO if you have a tufts username and password.

If you create this meeting in, a canvas calendar invite will not be created for students. If students typically find your meeting invites in their Canvas calendar you may want to create a calendar invite with the above info.

Alternatively, you can also create the meeting in Canvas and then log-into to set up your break-out rooms.  

To learn more about running a meeting with break out rooms you can go here: For Hosts: Managing Pre-Assigned break out rooms during the session