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Academic Affairs: Creating Multiple Choice Question - Manage Menu

This section will create specific multiple choice questions and assign a Multiple Choice Pool, which is a set of scaled numbers and values associated with each answer. The Multiple Choice Pool must be done before a scale can be assigned to a question.

Click Manage and #6 Evaluations followed by #9 Manage Multiple Choice Pool

From the Evaluation Menu, select "Manage Multiple Choice Pool."

As with other OASIS fields, there should be a search of existing Multiple Choice scales prior to creating a new set.    Click on Search to provide all existing Multiple Choice Pool options.

Click on "Add Multiple Choice."

Add Name, Short Name and MC Set Description.

Click "Add Option" to add Each Value.  Once Initially Saved, a value can be assigned.

** The value will work to provide some weighting capabilities.

Multiple choice Pool
Add Multiple Choice
Adding Value Set

When first entering the page, click "Search" to bring up existing Multiple Choice options.

To Edit existing Multiple Choice Pool, click the "Edit" link to the left of the Multiple Choice Name


Multiple choice Pool
Adding Value Set

Once the Multiple Choice Set is created, the question can be created.

Click Manage and #6 Evaluations followed by #7 Manage Question Pool

From the Evaluation Menu, select "Manage Question Pool."

Search for existing instances of the question, and if no instances exist, select "Add Multiple Choice." When searching, be sure to click on the "Edit" button of existing criteria to be sure the Multiple Choice scale and values fit the desired question.

Question Pool
Adding Multiple Choice Question.

Add Question Title:  This is how it will be displayed on the Student Performance Evaluation.

For Multiple Choice, be sure to select "Radio buttons - vertical."  This is the only option that will allow for criteria rubric description to be displayed at the evaluation level for evaluators and students.

Select Multiple Choice Options:  This will be the same Multiple Choice Value sets that were created earlier.

Click Save.

Repeat for all questions until Multiple Choice Questions are created and added.

Adding Short Answer Questions for Cumulative Grading Features.

Search Short Answer

Select Short Answer in the Question Type field.  This will provide the appropriate short answer question(s) that are required to enter the custom cumulative grading feature manually entered into all Student Performance Evaluations.    This is JavaScript that is entered by the ETS and OASIS team to be available for Individual and Summary Evaluation Reports.