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Creating the Clinical Rotations Schedule in Reports

There are two ways to pull a clinical schedule report:

  1. All clinical rotations
  2. One specific rotation

This documentation pulls a full rotation year report for all or a specific rotation.

Click here for finding the Clinical Rotation Schedule through the Course Roster (This allows for limiting Start Dates.) This is a for a specific rotation only .

Student Schedule Report:

To access the reports, click on Manage followed by #11 Reports.

Select the Year

Select Report: Student Schedules

For further filtering, select the student level: Professional 4.  

There are options in the delivery method of the reports:

  • View Report:  Use this option to allow filtering and grouping of results to customize the data.
  • Email TSV Report: Not Applicable.
  • Email CSV Report: Best option to email complete report to allow for filtering and editing in MS Excel.
  • Email Excel Report: Not Applicable.

The report will include all rotations within a full school year.  

Click View Report for further filtering by Group By and Filter on Column.

To filter, select Filter on column, add the filtered data and click Filter

To group by, select criteria, such as Start Date and click Refresh.

Follow the order below to find all students within a rotation (Course ID) and group by Start date

  1. Select Course ID on the Filter on column drop down.
  2. Enter Course ID in the Contains text box.
  3. Click Filter.
  4. Select Start Date on the Group By drop down.
  5. Click Refresh.

Describing The Filtered and Grouped by Report:

All column fields are able to be sorted further within the filtered and group by settings.

Key fields on the report:

  1. Start Date:  Key Group By Criteria.
  2. End date: Based on customized start and end dates, there could be students within a start date who have a different end date. If there are any questions, sort by end date.
  3. Weeks: Total number of weeks the student is enrolled for this start date.  Based on customized start and end dates, there could be students with less than the standard weeks.
  4. Admin Comments: Any comments added during a scheduling import process.
  5. Student Comments: Comments can be added at the course roster page.  

To create a report to share with others:

  1. Select Print View
  2. From the new window, Print as a PDF.   (Print View to PDF will provide the report with the group by and filtered criteria.   Export to PDF will not provided the group by and filtered criteria.)

Student schedules change constantly if a report is exported and posted  in an environment where real time, accuracy is crucial, please update this report on a regular basis.