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Dental Simulated Exercise Events

Entire Event calendar:

Student Groups:

Entire Event calendar:

Adding new events for all simulated exercise courses

On top tool bar, go to:

  • Manage
  • Event Based Courses
  • Edit Event Calendar

Complete Event Calendar will appear.

Within Calendar, click in the appropriate are of date and time for new event.

A Menu will come up to select:

  • Course - Select from the 4 available Simulated Exercises courses.
  • Location - Always Boston
  • Timetable Entry - There should be only one.
  • Template - These are very similar but based on room.

Based on the room and template, the information will be defaulted.

  1. Creating multiple entries that repeat. If there are the same date and time over a certain amount of time. Selection Options:
    • Not Repeating
    • Every day  / Every Day with Weekends
    • Weekly - Select certain days
    • End after - This is the total amount of dates.    If you have Monday and Wednesday for two weeks.   The total End after would be 4.  2 Monday Events and 2 Wednesday Evets
  2. Room Selection - Based on the template, this should be populated.
  3. Selection Instructor.   If instructor is not there, you can add them at the link below or contact [email protected].  
  4. Select Student Group - The student group could be available before or after the event creation.

When complete, scroll to the bottom and click "Save."

Editing an Existing Event:

Go to Event calendar through the Admin View.
Click on the event that needs to be edited
Determine which events need to be made if the event was made as part of a reoccurring events:

  1. Repeating Events - How should linked events be updated?
    • Update only this event.
      • Use this if updating a Student Group or changing only this time.
      • Once a user group is selected
    • Update this event and all repeating events occurring after this one.
      • Use this if the time and room changes for all events.  
      • This will override any Student Groups Selected.    
    • Remove  this event from the list of repeating events. Removing the event from  the list of repeating events allows the event to have multiple rooms.  This can not be undone.
      • If updating this and need to change often going forward.
    • REMOVE  REPEAT LINK FROM ALL EVENTS.  This will remove the repeating part for  all events in this repeating event.  None of the events will be linked.   This can not be undone.
      • This also breaks all events linked together.  
  2. Updating Student Groups:
    • Student groups that need to be added to an existing Calendar Event.
    • Be careful to only add the Student Group to an existing Event and not the entire Reoccurring Linked Events.
      • Student Groups were named to only be associated with one event.

When complete, scroll to the bottom and click "Save."

Student Groupings:

On top tool bar, go to:

  • Manage
  • Event Based Courses
  • Student Groupings

Updating Existing Student Groupings:

  • Select the Student Grouping by clicking on the Group Name

In Edit Student Groupings Page:

  1. Group Name - Keep the same
  2. What to update - Select Update future events with the changes made to this student group
  3. Select Student Level - DN-4Y
  4. Use the Add Selected Students
  5. Remove Button to edit the list

When complete, scroll to the bottom and click "Save."

Select the Import

At the Student Groupings Page, click the Import link on the Green Tool Bar  "Student Groupings for 2019-2020"

  1. What to update:
    • Do not update any event rosters using this student group - Do Not User
    • Update only future events rosters using this student group - Use if adding students to existing group.
    • Sync future event rosters to EXACTLY the students below. - This will remove any one from the user group who are not on the import file.  Use with caution.
  2. Based on the Excel Format provided, import the file with the Browse Button