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Veterinary- Student Performance Evaluations Access for Instructors

Recovering Forgotten Tufts University Username and Password:

Please contact the TTS Service Desk, they will be able to help in real time with a phone call.

Call: 617-627-3376

Email: [email protected]

Forwarding Tufts Email to Practice or Personal Email:

The instructors are able to forward their emails to their practice email address. This is a one time thing and will remain associated with the account. If they click on this link ( ) and click Forward my Tufts Email.

Once they log in and click the link, below is the menu.

Logging into OASIS:

Log into OASIS using your Tufts University Username and Password:

Select “Tufts Students and Staff”

Home Page:

Under My Evaluations, click the “You have # evaluations to complete.”

Pending Evaluations:

Before starting the evaluation, be sure all fields are correct, including Student, Location, Evaluation Form (Click to enter evaluation form), Eval Period, Status, and Complete Before columns.


Filling out the Student Performance Evaluations

Core Setup:

  • Core Rotations have an Individual and Summary Setup
    • Multiple faculty will fill out individual student performance evaluations
    • One assigned summary evaluator will fill out a summary evaluation with all data from individual student performance evaluations

There could be multiple summary evaluators, but only one person should complete a Summary Evaluations per student per rotation (start and end date).

Faculty who are also summary evaluators will fill out two evaluation, the individual and summary evaluations.

Summary Evaluations will have the Final Gradebook Field to enter.

Elective Setup:

  • Elective rotations will only have an individual student performance evaluation that will contain the Final Gradebook Field.

For the final question within the evaluations, a cumulative grade based on the evaluations given values will be provided within the text of final question.  This should not be altered.

The Cumulative Grade should be similar to the Final Grade Field, but can be different if there were activities that affect the student's grade not part of the Student Performance Evaluation rubric.  

Final Course Grade Entry Field

The final grade field is the field that would populate the final grade in SIS and the Gradebook within OASIS.   This field is independent of the Student Performance Evaluations, but added to the end to minimize steps for the Evaluator to complete the grading process.