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Academic Affairs: Comments - Adding, Editing, Displaying

With OASIS' ability to create custom start and end dates to account for students being unable to complete a rotation on time, the need for custom admin comments should be minimized, but there is still the ability to create comments at the Course Roster area within a course and display the Admin Comments in the Student Schedules report.

To Create and Edit Admin Comments:

Follow the instructions provided in the Navigating Course Roster documentation to reach the appropriate course and start dates needed to add comments.

Click on "Cmnts".

A pop-up window will open. Enter or edit the comments.

Click "Save".

Once the comments have been saved, close the window.

Looking at the Course Roster report, if a student has a * next to the "Cmnts" link, the student has an existing comment.

Where to View Admin Comments:

To find the Clinical Rotation Schedule in the Students Schedules Report in reports section, please follow the documentation: Creating the Clinical Rotations Schedule in Reports

Reports that display Admin Comments in a columns are below:

  • Schedule - Search add/drop courses - This report is available, but should be rarely used.
  • Student Schedules - This is the report that is the most valuable in displaying the Admin Comments for the clinical rotations

This documentation will focus on the "Student Schedules" report.

The Red Box is an example of how the Admin Comments will display by clicking "View Report."

Below is an example of the Print View.

The Red Box is an example of how the Admin Comments will display by clicking "Print View."