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Student: How to enroll in an OASIS Elective: Add, Drop, and Wait List

Log into OASIS

Review schedule for any potential gaps that can be filled with an On-Campus Elective.

Click "Add Course" on the top tool bar.

Search and Select an On Campus Elective:

Under Optional Search Criteria, select any of the available fields or leave blank and click "Search" for all available On Campus Electives.

Click "Add" in the same row as the Course Name to schedule

Based on weeks available or within the given restricted dates, select Wait or the radio button of the On Campus Elective week.

The student can not drop a core elective from the schedule.

The student can drop an On Campus elective within the appropriate time prior to the start of the On Campus Elective.

If there are any conflicts, there will be an error message on the screen. Students can not schedule an electives at the same time as a previous scheduled core rotation or other accepted On Campus Electives. There is a maximum number of wait list reservations a student can make at a certain time.

If a student goes on a wait list, they are not enrolled in the course until that wait list is approved by the On Campus Elective faculty or staff.

Please do not contact On Campus Electives faculty or staff about the status of the wait list.  

An email will be sent from OASIS if a student is approved or removed from an On Campus Elective wait list.

NOTE: Do not expect to be added to a course from a wait list reservation. Dates and Maximum Enrollment are fixed and accurate.

A student can be on the wait list for multiple On Campus Rotations for the same week. Being added to the course is a first come first server basis, so if a student is on 2 wait lists for the same week, the first approved wait list will go on the student schedule. The remaining wait list will not allow faculty to approve the wait list.

Updated Student Schedule with Enrollment and Wait List:

A student can add or drop enrollment or wait list reservations prior to the restricted time. Within the restricted time, students can not drop an On Campus Elective. All core rotations will be locked from dropping.