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Admin Staff: Editing and Supporting Multiple System Roles Through OASIS

In the clinical 4th year, OASIS is the system of record for student schedules and course rosters. All changes and updates to schedules and rosters must be made in OASIS. Those updates will be fed to other systems that rely on clinical data. 

There are two areas to connect users to a course that will provide administration:

  • OASIS Course Administrators:  This associates the OASIS users with the OASIS course for any the following tasks:
    • Course Roster
    • Gradebook
    • Student Performance Evaluations (Grading)
    • Course Events
    • Course Setup  / Instructor Groups
  • Instructor Groups: This manages the list of groups and specific roles that will be fed to Canvas (LMS), Competency Checklist and Blue (Course/Faculty Evaluation)


OASIS Course Administrators:

To add a course administrator to a specific course, the OASIS user must have a director role.

  • Select Users and Modify Admin Access.
  • Search for the user.


  1. To review a list of all users within a specific role, click "Get User List."
  2. To look for a specific name or user information, type the data in the text field and click "Search by name."
  3. The results of Step 1 or 2 would be displayed in the drop down.   To update the Admin Access, click on View Access.

If the course is currently not available to the user, click on "Add a department or course."

  1. Select the course(s) to add the Administrator.
  2. Click "Add courses."

The courses will be added the user's home page and in the Select Course under the Course Menu.

Removing an Administrator from a course.

Follow the same instructions as above to find the user and click the "View Access" button.

Check the course(s) that need to be removed.

Click update.

OASIS to Canvas, Competency Checklist and Blue: Instructor Groups:

Within the "Course Setup" Area, OASIS has instructor Groups that can setup groups that can are strategically named and passed to either Canvas or Blue Evaluations to define a certain role the users should be in each system.

The following groups are controlled through OASIS Instructor Groups

  • director_clinical
  • faculty_clinical
  • intern_clinical
  • manager_clinical
  • resident_clinical
  • tech_clinical

Users can:

  • Be in multiple groups.
  • Be in multiple courses.

ETS and Vet Academic Affairs control the instructor group system, if there is a missing group, please contact [email protected].

Creating and Accessing Instructor Group:

Under Course, Select#13 Course Set-up and Click #6 Instructor Group

At the bottom of the page, click 8. Instructor Group.

  • To add a new user to an existing instructor group, click "Edit."
  • To add a new Group, click "Add Group"
  • To import a group to a new or existing group, click "Import." The import tool gives multiple file types and available columns.   Group Name and Username should be all that is needed.
  • To export any or all instructor groups, click "Export." Exporting existing lists would give a good template to importing new users.
  • To return to the course setup, click "Course Set-up."

Finding the data in Reports:

This data is fed to Canvas and Blue through an overnight feed, but can also be viewed in the reports section:

Under Manage and Reports:

Select one of the following reports to access the Tufts Data Feed Reports from OASIS to Canvas or Blue:

  • TUFTS - BLUE - Rotation
  • TUFTS - BLUE - RotationStudent
  • TUFTS - BLUE - RotationTeacher
  • TUFTS - Canvas - Courses
  • TUFTS - Canvas - Enrollments
  • TUFTS - Canvas - Sections
  • TUFTS - Canvas - Terms
  • TUFTS - Person IDs.