Attendance Running and Reporting

The Oasis Attendance feature does not provide foolproof protection against cheating. There are methods by which students can claim to be present in class using this tool even when they were not actually there. If you have any inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us at [email protected].

Open the Manage Events > Edit Events

Then select the course you would like to create the QR code.

It you have access to  Manage>Event Based courses> Edit Events. This will also allow you to create the Attendance QR Code.

Click on the Colored Block of the event

To activate Attendance, open the event in the calendar (not the edit events calendar) and select "Send attendance QR code." An email will be sent to you with a PDF and JPG attachment.

Display the QR code to the students

 The simplest way to do this is by projecting the PDF on a screen in the lecture hall. Students can then scan the QR code, which will direct them to an Oasis Page where they must log in to record their attendance.

The QR code is active for 15 min before and 15 min after the start of the Oasis Event. If students try to use the QR code before or after that time window they will not be able to log their attendance.

Generating Attendance Reports

You can run a report to see who attended the class at any time after the session.

Please note that only certain admin accounts have access to these reports. If your account has access, you can click on "Manage" and then select "Reports."

Choose the "Events - Attendance Roster"

Be sure to select the Year, report and date range you are looking for. Then choose to have the report emailed to you.

Please be aware that the report only filters based on the date. It will display all events with Attendance enabled across your school's Oasis. If you have the necessary permissions to run these reports, please refrain from sharing student attendance data with anyone who is not an instructor or course manager. If the report includes other course data, you can utilize Excel to filter out any events that are not relevant.

The downloaded report will have the following Columns.

Event Title: this is the title of the event (not the course) in Oasis

Start Date/Time: The Start Date and time are one field.

Full Name / Last Name / First Name: Oasis includes the names of all students that are listed on the event. So it is easy to see who did not attend and who did attend.

Username: this can help to import the student information into Canvas.

External Id: this should be blank

Email Address: students email address

Attended: this is listed as yes or no.

IP Address: This can be used to determine if the student was on university WiFi. This is NOT reliable for determining if a student was in the classroom. Have questions about this, email [email protected].

Importing this Report into Canvas

If you have questions on how to efficiently use this report in conjunction with your canvas grade book we are happy to help. Email Edtech