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Viewing Individual Student Information & Schedule

Some OASIS users have permission to view an individual student's information and schedule using the "Students" Menu. 

Click on the Students tab.

Click View Student Info.

Screenshot of Students menu screen.

Select the Year and Student Level and click Search.  Alternatively, fill in student-specific criteria and click Search.

Once a search result is found, select the student and school year.

Screenshot of View Student Info search interface.

Choose of the following reports:

  • View Schedule
  • View Personal Info
  • View Std. Perf Evaluations

View Schedule

The View Schedule report includes:

  • Date: Start and end date of the rotation or elective/vacation time.
  • Course: The title of the course links to the course catalog.
  • Location: The "Details" link shows information about the rotation location.
  • Weeks: Total weeks student will be in the rotation.
  • Status: "Locked" indicates that all core rotations are locked; a student cannot drop a core rotation.


Screenshot of View Schedule report.

Personal Information and Std Perf Evaluations

The information shown in these reports depends on the user's level of permission.

  • View Personal Information:  This is the information provided in the initial import of the student information.
  • View Student Performance Evaluations: As rotations are assessed, these reports will be available based on permission level.