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Event-Based Menu and Background Information


  1. Student Groupings: Allow for the grouping of students that are enrolled in a course but assigned to different courses.  
  2. Course Modules: Group courses that can be filtered at the Event Calendar Level
  3. Instructional Methods:  Each event requires an instructional method, this field helps to build the curriculum mapping and inventory reports.
  4. Rooms: Provides a list and allows for a conflict report based on the events.
  5. Edit Event Calendar: Editable view of calendar with the ability to select different Course Modules
  6. Export and Import Events: Ability to export, edit and import events in a CSV file.   Events can be selected a single or multiple courses
  7. Multi-Week Print: Ability to create a PDF version of the calendar based on Course Modules and specific start dates

Medical School Background Information:

Course are feed to OASIS through STUART for most of the courses.   There are a few courses that will carry over year over year, but need to be handled manually.

These are in the "RES" department within OASIS:

  • BRA200: The Brain
  • RESY1: 1st Year Student Resources
  • RESY2: 2nd Year Student Resources
  • TIU100: Scientific Foundations of Medicine

Y1 and Y2 Student Level courses need: