Educational Technology User GuidesOASISFaculty / StaffPrinting or Downloading a PDF of the Oasis Schedule

Printing or Downloading a PDF of the Oasis Schedule

Click on the Calendar Tab

Oasis allows "Calendar View Admins" to access the rosters of individual events.


NOTE: be sure you are in the correct year. If not please click on "reselect year"

Choose the Year on the Left to Show the Corresponding Calendar.

You can access the calendar for each cohort by clicking on the "Show All Events" button, then choosing the appropriate cohort check box.

Click the Print Button to Open a Printable PDF

Download or Print the PDF

Other Reports

You can also create and download reports on what students are attending which dates:

Printing / Downloading Event Rosters

Or you can create and download a report on the exact dates and times of a specific class.

Printing / Downloading Class Event Dates