Educational Technology User GuidesOASISStudent Performance EvaluationsAdmin Staff / Faculty: Assigning and Managing Student Performance Evaluation Evaluators (Ortho / Chief Resident Only)

Admin Staff / Faculty: Assigning and Managing Student Performance Evaluation Evaluators (Ortho / Chief Resident Only)

These instructions are edited specifically for Ortho  / Chief Resident due to the need for a single final Student Performance Evaluators.

For all other rotations, please use the instructions below:

Admin Staff / Faculty: Assigning and Managing Student Performance Evaluation Evaluators

OASIS' Student Performance Evaluations require the evaluators (Course Directors, Faculty, Residents, Interns) to be assigned to each student or a specific rotation.  

To assign evaluators to students:

Enter the course from the Course Drop Down

Select #7 Evaluations and Manage Evaluators.  If a year, department and course are not selected, there will be a prompt to provide that information.

This page will be where evaluators are assigned.

  1. Select "All Locations."
  2. Select the start date(s) from the menu that should be assigned.  
  3. Click Show:  This will define the available rotation dates to assign evaluators to students and open up all of the selected start dates with the associated evaluators and student.
  4. Click "Open Add Evaluator" to begin the evaluator assignment process.

OASIS provides one page documentation on the page with the following links (boxed in red)

  • Tutorial for Add Evaluator
  • Tutorial for Event Wizard

Evaluator-Student Assignment Scenarios:

For each final student performance evaluator, there are additional steps to select the appropriate final evaluator.    The final evaluator should match the Evaluations with the evaluator's name

Dr. Karlin  =  VET-429 - SASx Ortho/Chief - Karlin

Dr. Kowaleski  =  VET-429 - SASx Ortho/Chief - Kowaleski

Dr. McCarthy  =  VET-429 - SASx Ortho/Chief - McCarthy

Under Evaluations: Manual Must be Selected.

Multiple Evaluators can be assigned to students, but all students should only be assigned to one evaluation and the Summary Evaluation will only be accessible to by the evaluator whose name is associated with the Evaluation.  

The example below uses Dr. Karlin.

  1. Depending on the approach to assigning evaluators, select the Location and Dates. There are multiple approaches to assigning evaluators to a Student Performance Evaluation:
    • Assigning evaluators to specific start dates one at a time.
    • Assigning select evaluators to select start dates using  (Hold Ctrl when clicking the start dates.)
    • Assigning  all evaluators to all students for the entire year.
  2. "Search" the Evaluator you would like to assign to students, find the evaluator in the drop down and click "Move Down."
  3. NEW STEP (August 2019): Once the evaluator is searched, define the "Evaluation Period" for that evaluator.
    • If the evaluator is only working the first week of the rotation, use the first date as the start date and the second date as the end of the first week.
    • If the evaluator is only working the second week, which would mean also the summary evaluator, use the start of the second week as the first week and the end of the rotation as the second date.
  4. If the evaluator is evaluating all student, select "All Student," or select the specific students to be evaluated. (Hold Ctrl as selecting.)  Also select  the "->" for Assoc.
  5. Under Evaluations, select the radio button "Manual" and select the specific Evaluation with the final evaluator name.
  6. Click "Add."

Deselecting Evaluators to Students:

  1. An evaluator can be removed completely from all students in a single rotation  by checking the evaluators name and selecting "Delete Selected."
  2. To deselect a single student with an evaluator, click on the green X.
  3. If the Evaluation Needs to be reviewed to see which student is assigned to which evaluations, select "Edit evals manually."  This will allow for the evaluation to be changed.  Only if the assigned evaluation has not been started or completed.

Alternative: Managing Student Performance Evaluation Evaluators After Submission

Management of Student Performance Evaluation Evaluators is located in the Search and Find Evaluations area of Evaluations.

From the course menu, go to Evaluations and "Search and Edit Evaluations."

Select the following:

  • Locations: All Locations
  • Evaluation Types: Student Performance
  • Start Dates: All Start Dates (If a specific date is known, select that date)
  • Status: All
  • Base Evaluation: All

Click Search.

To "Inactivate" an evaluator from a specific student, select "Inact."

If an evaluator has completed their form and should not be on the Summary Evaluation, select "Manage Forms"

Below is the pop up window that will be display.   Uncheck the appropriate evaluator to remove their responses in the Summary Evaluation.

Click Save.