Access Event and Event Enrollment

Click on the Calendar Tab

Oasis allows "Calendar View Admins" to access the rosters of individual events.


NOTE: be sure you are in the correct year. If not please click on "reselect year"

Choose the Year on the Left to Show the Corresponding Calendar.

You can access the calendar for each cohort by clicking on the "Show All Events" button, then choosing the appropriate cohort check box.

Click on the title of the event to open the Event Information window

Clicking on the name of the event will open additional information.

Access the Student Enrollment

NOTE: Not all instructors have access to the students rosters for all events. If you do not see the students names and you need this information please contact [email protected].

Use the "Students" window to see the students scheduled for this event.

To display student emails use the drop-down to choose to display "Just names"(the default), "Email with names" or "Email without names."

The "Create a Student Report" may not be useful because the data is not available.

Copy the Event Roster

You may not see all the students in this window. Scroll down, or copy and paste the list to access all the names.

To copy the names:

  1. Click into the "student" box
  2. Use the select all, Control + a (PC) or Comand + a (Mac)
  3. Use the copy feature, Control + c (PC) or Comand + c (Mac)
  4. Open an email or word document, add your cursor to where you want to add the names or emails
  5. Use the paste feature, Control + v (PC) or Comand + v (Mac)