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Event Calendar: Course Specific Copy Events (Year to Year)

Usage: To copy all events from one course to the same course in the following year.

Manage Events

  1. Click into Course > Manage Events
  2. Select the course that will be copied, so the previous year course.   (example: 2021-2022 Year if copying into a 2022-2023 course)
  3. Click Copy Events

Copy Events

  1. Click the timetable of the course that should be copied
  2. Click Select this Rotation
  3. Select the Copy to Future Rotation Course

Copying Options and Select Events

  1. Click the Copy Options as needed
  2. Under Include, click the event that should be copied.
  3. (Scrolling to the Right) Compare the Event Date/Time to the New Date
    • OASIS will best guess the date and time to the same weekday.
  4. Click Copy Events