Enter as a Student View

Some staff users can view OASIS as a student. This feature is helpful for troubleshooting an student user issues. It also allows an admin to make updates and see areas of a student record that may be unavailable to the student themselves.

Click on the Students menu.

Select #2 Enter as Student.

Select the School Year and Student Level and click Search. Alternatively, fill in student-specific criteria and click Search.

Once a search result is found, select the student and school year.

Select any of the necessary options by clicking on the checkboxes:

  • Can override rules: This gives the user the ability to see areas the student would not normally see.  
  • Force all years into Open mode...: This allows the user to see present and past year information that may be locked in the normal view.

If neither option is checked, the user will see exactly what the student sees.

Screenshot of Enter as Student screen.