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Academic Affairs: Creating New User Manually

All users will be imported based on the group they are associated with.   Faculty will be imported on a clinical and pre-clinical level and labeled as instructors.    At the start of each year, a new batch of students will also be imported into OASIS based on their graduation year.    These students can be grouped and sorted in different ways in OASIS.    

There will be some instances where a student or instructor role will need to be created on a single instance.  

On the Navigation bar, select User and  #2 Add User.

User Menu
Add User Interface
  1. Username:  Tufts User Id
  2. Authentication Method: If the username is a Tufts User Id - Select External.   If the username is not Tufts User ID, please contact ETS before continuing to define need of non-Tufts user id.
  3. External ID: This should be the SIS Emplid.   If this is not known, please contact the registrar.
  4. Role: Student or Instructor.   If the new user should have a director role, please contact ETS or registrar.
  5. First Name
  6. Last Name
  7. Email: Be sure to use the valid Tufts University email address format:  [email protected].     The Tufts University White Page or registrar can help confirm.
  8. Select Add User.

If the New User is a Student: Add the Student Level:

In order to be properly enrolled into a course, any new student who was not created by a bulk import into OASIS must be manually entered into a Student Level.    The student levels follow the naming convention as in SIS.

First Year: Professional 1
Second Year: Professional 2
Third Year: Professional 3
Fourth Year (Clinical): Professional 4

Under the Students Menu: Select #11 Student's Level

Students Menu
Modify a Student's Level

A student can only have one Student Level per Year.  So a student can move be between Student Levels in a current year or added to another Student Level for a future or past year.

To find student:

Select the year student has an existing student level or "Search regardless of Year or Student Level."
Select the student in the "Student Matching Search:"
Select "Select Student."

If a student is going to be enrolled into clinical courses, they will need to be add to Professional 4 for the current school year.

Current Student Level View

If the student needs to move to another Student Level per year, change the Student Level at Current Years for student.   A student can only have one Student Level per year.

If this is a new student, under the "Add a new year" Section:
Check "Update Account Activity."
Select the appropriate "Year."
Select the appropriate "Student Level."
Add a "Log-in time"  - If the student will be accessing OASIS right away, use the current date, if the student should not have access to OASIS, date the should be in the future.

The student can now be enrolled into courses.