VET OASIS Lottery Grid Ranking

Once the lottery opens, click on the link below to open OASIS.

  • Click Reselect year and select "2024-2025"

Reordering the Grids:

OASIS Reorders initial and saved Grids by sets of 10.

When reordering your top 50 grid choices, please order them consecutively - 1, 2, 3, etc. You can choose more than 50, but please choose at least 50.

If there is a grid you don’t want, please order it will a very high number  2000, 2001, 2002, etc.

Any white spaces within the grid will be EV (Elective/Vacation) time.

When you submit your reordered grids, OASIS will re-number them by sets of 10 again. If there are duplicate numbers submitted, OASIS will keep those numbers at the top.

Grids can be reordered and revised throughout the Lottery time frame set by the Registrar.

Specific Grid View

If there is a "View" button, click on the view button to see an full week by week vertical view of the grid.