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Academic Affairs: Adding and Editing Student Performance Evaluation to a Rotation - Course Menu

Click Course and #7 Evaluations and #1 Student Performance Evaluations.

Once a Base Student Performance Evaluation is complete, it can be assigned to course and then customized as needed.  

This includes:

  • Course specific title.
  • Custom options such as availability.

Select New Evaluation

Select a Course, if needed.

Select Year and click "Reselect Year"
Select Department and Course
Click "Enter Course"

Once in a course, click New Evaluation.

Entering Course
Create new SPE

Select Base Evaluation (Please see other documentation to set up Base Student Performance Evaluation.)
Select Location.
Enter Title
Enter Introduction
Click Save

Adding Rubric

Review the Questions and setup of the of the Questions.

Add appropriate JavaScript as needed in the "Show Advanced Options."  The setup for the Cumulative Average Short Answer response will be supported by ETS in this space.

Click on "Descr" to add the rubric information for each question.

Click Save when the rubric is updated.

Repeat to other questions until all rubric information has been added.


Updating the Options, Preview and Releasing the Course Student Performance Evaluation.

Edit: The ability to edit some aspects for the evaluation that are not locked down by the Base Student Performance Evaluation.

Options: This is an in-depth menu that individualizes the Student Performance Evaluation for the specific course and will be documented in its own instructions.

Preview: Provides a working example evaluation.

Copy: Create an independent copy of the Student Performance.

Release:  Rotations that start on or after this date will use this version of the evaluation.  The date must be on or after the base evaluation release date.  Once an evaluation has been released, it can not be edit, it would "Stop Using" this version on the evaluation and creating the next version.

Stop Using: Setting a specific date, the evaluation will not be assigned to students.    No evaluations forms will be  removed.  If forms have been created for students starting on or after  this date they must be manually removed or inactivated.