CanvasVoiceThreadUsing VoiceThread in Your Course on Canvas

Using VoiceThread in Your Course on Canvas

How to create a VoiceThread / Digital Story

Go to the Modules tool and find the "Digital Storytelling" module

NOTE: Depending on your course is set up, the names of the links to VoiceThread may be different. However, the instructions in your course will specify which links are for submitting media and which are for viewing and/or commenting on media.

Click "Create and Manage Your Digital Story"

This will open the VoiceThread interface

Click "Create" in the upper banner

Managing your VoiceThreads

Click "Create and Manage Your Digital Story"

Click the menu icon on the left of the page and select "Owned by me"

Sharing your VoiceThreads with your class

Move your mouse over the VoiceThread and click "Share"

Select your course from the "Groups" list

If you need to share with a specific person (like your instructor), click the arrow next to your course name and select the person's name.

Confirm permissions before clicking the "Share" button

If your classmates and/or instructor need to view and comment on your VoiceThread, make sure "View" and "Comment" are highlighted in green.

How to comment on other VoiceThreads

Click "View Shared Stories" in the "Digital Storytelling" module and click on a VoiceThread to view

Click the "Make a comment" button while viewing the VoiceThread

Select the type of comment you want to make

The available commenting options are:

  1. Text
  2. Audio (from your phone)
  3. Audio (from your computer microphone)
  4. Video
  5. File upload

NOTE: There may be fewer options depending on how the author configured the VoiceThread settings

For documentation on how to add comments go to: