CanvasCanvas My Media/Media Gallery VideosHow do I record a video directly into My Media with Kaltura Capture?

How do I record a video directly into My Media with Kaltura Capture?

NOTE: Kaltura Capture software versions that start with "3.__.__" are outdated. If you have a version that starts with "3", we recommend that you uninstall it, and re-install a current version.  Once you have the current version installed, it will auto-update in the future. Click here for installation instructions for Mac or PC.

Log into Canvas

Click "My Media" in the left-side menu

On the My Media page, click "Add New"

My Media

Choose "Kaltura Capture" from the "Add New" menu

Kaltura Capture is a video recording tool that works with My Media in Canvas

If you have not yet installed Kaltura Capture

Click "Download for Windows" or "Download for Mac", and follow these instructions on installing Kaltura Capture on a Mac, or installing Kaltura Capture on a PC

If you have previously installed Kaltura Capture

Once you have installed Kaltura Capture . . .

When you're done recording video . . .

When you have finished recording and uploaded the video, it will appear in your My Media collection of videos in Canvas.

If you wish to edit the video . . .

NOTE: in order for a video to be viewable by students in a course in Canvas, you must first post it from your My Media video collection to the Media Gallery for a specific course.