Canvas Canvas DashboardHow do I organize my Canvas Dashboard?

How do I organize my Canvas Dashboard?

When you have an account on more than one Canvas course, you can customize the active courses you want to show in your Canvas Dashboard by creating a “favorite” list in your Courses / All Courses.

When no courses are favorited (the default), the courses list automatically displays up to 20 courses alphabetically in the Dashboard.

To create a favorite list of the courses you want displayed on your Canvas Dashboard:

Go to Courses, then select All Courses

This displays all of the courses on which you have an account.

Click on the Star icon for each couse you want to display on your Dashboard

Clicking on the Star will turn the star icon red indicating that this is a "favorite" and you want it listed o your Canvas Dashboard.

NOTE: You cannot make an "unpublished" course site a favorite.

Go to your Dashboard. Your Favorite courses are now the only courses listed on the Dashboard.