CanvasTufts Library Reading ListsHow do I re-use a previous semester's list?

How do I re-use a previous semester's list?

You can copy a previous semester’s list to a new course using the Roll Over function.

We do not advise rolling over an old list if you’ve already created a list for your new course. However, you will be able to add new resources to the previous list after you roll it over.

Open the previous semester’s Canvas course site, then click Reading Lists in the menu on the left to open your list. At the top right corner of the list, click the “…” menu and choose Roll Over List.

Select this semester’s course from the Look Up Course dropdown.

Click Roll Over and you will see a confirmation message. Click OK.

Library staff will be automatically notified that these items should be placed on reserve.

You can add new items to the list at any time, or remove anything you no longer wish to include.