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How to Create a Kaltura Video Quiz

Before creating your video quiz assignment in Canvas, we recommend creating the video quiz in the My Media tool.

Log into Canvas and click "My Media" in the left-hand menu

Arrow pointing to My Media icon in Canvas global navigation

Click "Add New" and select "Video Quiz"

Arrow pointing to Add new button and box highlighting video quiz option in menu

Click "Select" to use an existing video or click "+ Upload Media" to add a new video for your quiz

arrows pointing to Upload Media and Select buttons

After uploading or selecting a video, the Quiz Editor view will appear. For a guide on how to upload video, see How do I upload a video to My Media in Canvas??

Overview of the Quiz Editor

To introduce the quiz editor we will provide a brief overview of the interface, walk through the process of inserting questions, and then discuss quiz settings for two common use cases.

screenshot of the video quiz editor window. Box #1 contains the quiz settings which are Details, Scores, and Experience. Box two contains the video player and add question button. Box three contains the timeline navigator fot he video. Number 4 indicates the Preview and Done buttons.
  1. Quiz settings, which include:
    • Details: Quiz Name, Welcome Message, Instructions, and an option to allow question downloads.
    • Scores: Allow multiple attempts, score visibility, and whether answers are shown to students.
    • Experience: Allow answer change, allow skipping questions, disable skipping ahead.
  2. The video player and add question button.
  3. The video timeline to navigate the video.
  4. The "Preview" button allows you to try out your quiz before saving it.

How to add questions to the video quiz

How to configure video quizzes

Screenshot of the quiz settings with Details, Scores, and Expereience sections

There are a number of settings that allow you to tailor a video quiz to a number of teaching and learning contexts.  Rather than list every setting here we will present two common use cases and demonstrate how to configure the quiz settings accordingly. We recommend you experiment with these settings for other use cases and/or reach out to [email protected] for help.

The two use cases we will highlight are a "graded quiz" where students take the assessment only once, and a low-stakes "interactive lecture" which students can take multiple times.


screenshot of the Quiz details setting in the editor.

The "Details" section of the quiz settings control what happens before a student starts the video to take the quiz.

  1. Quiz Name: this is the name of the quiz.
  2. Show Welcome Page: The "Welcome Page" appears before students start the video quiz and includes the Welcome Message, Instructions, and question download. We recommend that you enable this for all graded quizzes and interactive lectures.
  3. Welcome Message: A customizable message shown before the start of the quiz. Use this for custom instructions for all quiz types.
  4. Allow Download of Questions List: Students can download a PDF of all questions and answer options before taking a test. We recommend turning this off for graded quizzes.
  5. Instructions: The phrase "All questions must be answered. The quiz will be submitted at the end." will appear under the welcome message. This is not editable and we recommend that you turn this off and instead use the welcome messages to create customized instructions.


Screenshot of the Scores quiz settings

The Scores settings control the number of attempts students have for the quiz and whether they can see results or answers. The "Quiz Score to Keep" options are: Latest Attempt, Highest Attempt, Lowest Attempt, First Attempt, and Average of all Attempts.

Setting Name Graded Quiz Recommended Setting Interactive Lecture Recommended Setting
Allow Multiple Attempts Disabled Enabled
Number of Attempts n/a 100
Quiz Score to Keep n/a Highest Attempt
Show Scores Do Not Show Scores (students will see score when you release in Canvas grade book) Show Scores
Include Answers Disabled Enabled


Screenshot of the Experience Quiz settings

The "Experience" settings control what students are able to do during the quiz. The changes you make here are more about how you want students to interact with a quiz than the kind of quiz they are taking. Here are some things to consider when configuring these settings:

  • Allow Answers Change: Do you want to give students the opportunity to go back and change their answers before submitting the assignment? Perhaps something they see later in the video might make them realize they answered incorrectly in a previous question.
  • Allow/Do not Allow Skip: Do you want to force students to answer each question, even if they have to guess?
  • No seeking forward: Do you want to require that students watch the entire video and not skip ahead?

Here is one of many ways you could configure these settings for a specific student experience:

You have a recorded lecture where you insert questions after each section to check understanding. After the question you provide the correct answer and rationale in the video, so you enable the "No seeking forward" setting so students cannot jump ahead to the answer and do not allow skipping so students need to apply the new knowledge they learned. You do allow answer changes so students can go back and fix their answers before submitting.

Saving the Video Quiz

Screenshot of the quiz editor that highlights the Preview and Done buttons

Click "Preview" to test out the quiz before finalizing it. Click "Done" to save your changes.