Canvas Canvas New QuizzesHow do I view and grade student submissions in New Quizzes?

How do I view and grade student submissions in New Quizzes?

Instructors can view and grade New Quizzes in the SpeedGrader. These instructions will step you through how —

In a Canvas course go to Grades

In the Header Cell for the Grade column for the quiz, click on the Options icon (3 vertical dots) and select SpeedGrader

In the SpeedGrader, use the dropdown box at the top right to choose a student

This displays that student's quiz submission.

If the student has multiple submissions, you can choose one from the submission dropdown box

Make sure you grade the correct submission (highest scoring, latest submitted, or whatever your grading policies dictate).

A summary of the submitted quiz is displayed at the top of the page

[1] The student's current score as a percentage of the total
[2] The number of points (out of total available) the student  has scored
[3] The amount of time the student spent between starting the quiz and submitting the quiz. This time is noted even if it is not a timed quiz.
[4] If the quiz contains ungraded essay or file upload questions, they are noted here

You can view each question and see the student's response and how it was automatically scored

[1] Question
[2] Student's response: if correct, a checkmark is noted; if incorrect, an "X" is noted
[3] Number of points student earned for this question
[4] If you change the number of points awarded for the question,  you must click "Regrade". Note that all of the other students will see this question as having been regraded

For Essay Questions and File Upload Questions, you can view and award points for the student's response

[1] Question
[2] Student's answer
[3] To award full points for this answer, click the checkmark icon
[4] To award no points for this answer, click the "X" icon
[5] To award variable points for this answer,  enter the points in the point's box

Click the Comments icon to leave additional feedback for this question

NOTE: Every question type in Canvas' New Quizzes allows comment feedback.

Enter your comments for this response in the comment box, then click "Done"

Use the up or down arrows to add or subtract additional "Fudge Points" to this students total quiz grade (Example: "+2" / "-2")

IMPORTANT!! When you are finished grading or commenting, click "Update"

NOTE: The final score will not update until you click the "Update" button.

To grade the next student's quiz, use the Previous/Next arrows, or use the dropdown box to select another student. You can return to the Gradebook by clicking on the Gradebook icon.