Canvas Tufts Library Reading ListsHow can I save favorite resources to use on my lists?

How can I save favorite resources to use on my lists?

The Collection feature in the Reading List tool allows you to save favorite resources and easily add them to your lists. You can save citations directly to your Collection, or by marking items as Favorites in JumboSearch. Your Collection and Favorites are synchronized into one list that you can conveniently access from Canvas or JumboSearch.

To access your Collection, open any of your Reading Lists and click on the square menu at the top of the screen.

From the dropdown menu, choose Collection.

If you’ve ever saved Favorites while logged in to JumboSearch, they will automatically appear here. Your Collection looks similar to a Reading List, but only you have access to it, and it’s not connected to a course.

To add citations to your Collection

After opening your Collection, you can add citations by clicking the plus sign icon. This will open the same search screen you see when you add items to a reading list. Choose Library Search to find materials from the library’s collections or choose Blank Form to add an item the library doesn’t own.

Enter your search terms, click the item you want from the search results, and click Add.

You may find it more convenient to add to your Collection while searching the library catalog using JumboSearch. Before you start searching, log in to your account using the button in the upper right.

When you find a resource you want to add to your Collection, click the pin icon to the right of the title in your search results.

Once you’re logged in, you can view all of your favorites in JumboSearch by clicking the pin icon in the upper right of the screen.

Note that anything you’ve previously added to your Collection using the Reading List tool also appears here.

To add citations from your Collection to a Reading List

Open a Reading List, click the Add Items button, and choose Collection from the menu.

You can then add citations to the Reading List by clicking and dragging, or by selecting the title and choosing Add.

To add a citation from a Reading List to your Collection

You can save citations from any of your Reading Lists to your Collection to easily reuse them on additional lists.

In the Reading List, find the citation and open the Options menu by clicking “...” to the right of the title.

Choose Copy to my collection.

You can then follow the steps above to add the citation from your Collection to additional Reading Lists.