CanvasCanvas Peer ReviewStudent: - How do I complete a peer review Discussion?

Student: - How do I complete a peer review Discussion?

Note: Students can only view peer review assignments after they have submitted their own work.

Note: you may be required to review more than one student.

This displays the Peer Review page for that student

1- Read all of the student's contribution posts to this discussion

2- Leave a comment in the comment box

3- You can attach a file, if you want

4- You can leve a video (webcam) comment, if you want

5- Click Save after adding a comment (either written or webcam)

Note: To complete the peer review, you must add at least 1 comment

To view a peer review of your Discussion posts, created by another student go to Grades, then click on the name of the discussion

This will display your discussion posts and the comments created by any peer reviewer