CanvasEcho360What is Echo360?

What is Echo360?

The Echo360 Lecture Capture system allows instructors to record, edit, and publish live lectures and screencasts.

Several classrooms across Tufts' campuses are equipped with Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture devices which can be used to record everything that happens in a live class, including audio, video, and any slides or software displayed on the classroom projector. Echo360 Personal Capture software can be installed on an instructor's computer and used to record screen, webcam, and microphone.

Recordings created with Classroom Lecture Capture or Personal Capture are published to the Echo360 Active Learning Platform and converted to streaming video. Instructors can lightly trim or edit recordings and set availability dates.

Echo360 integrates with Canvas. If a class uses Echo360, an "echo360" link will appear in the course site navigation menu. Students and instructors can access all recordings for a given course by following the "echo360" navigation link.

For more about Echo360, including how to obtain an instructor account, see the user guides for the Echo360 Active Learning Platform and Echo360 Personal Capture.