CanvasCanvas New QuizzesHow do I add a question to a quiz in New Quizzes

How do I add a question to a quiz in New Quizzes

These instructions will step you through the process of creating a new question in the New Quizzes tool in Canvas —

To add a question click the "+" at the bottom of the Build page

Choose the question source and type

[1] To insert a question from the New Quizzes Item Bank (question repository), click the Item Bank icon (piggy bank).

See: How do I create an Item Bank?

[2] To create a new question, click one of the Question Types.

[3] To add a Stimulus, click on "+Stimulus". In Canvas New Quizzes a Stimulus is a means of creating a group of questions centered around a piece of content — document / website / audio / video

See How do I create a Stimulus?

Question Type options in New Quizzes

The following question types are available in New Quizzes:

  • Categorization - Categorization questions require students to place answers in the correct categories while ignoring all distractors.
  • Essay - Essay questions provide students with a Rich Text Editor window to answer a question. Essay questions require manual grading.
  • File Upload - File upload questions provide the student means to upload a digital file in response to the question. NOTE: DocViewer commenting and annotations tools are not available when grading file upload submissions in SpeedGrader.
  • Fill in the Blank - Fill in the Blank questions can have multiple blank spaces and include various answer types.
  • Formula - Formula questions require the student to type in the correct numerical answer.
  • Hot Spot - Hot Spot questions allow Instructors to upload images and have their students identify a specific area in that image.
  • Matching - In a Matching question, students are required to match answers from a drop-down menu with a list of questions.
  • Multiple Answer - Multiple Answer questions are formatted like Multiple Choice assessment questions, but there are multiple correct answers
  • Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice questions require students to select the single correct answer from a list of possible answers.
  • Numeric - Numeric questions require students to respond with numbers, text, and/or symbols. Instructors can require Exact Response, Margin of Error, Within a Range, or Precise Response.
  • Ordering - In an Ordering question, students are required to place answers in a specific order.
  • True or False - True / False questions require students to select either true or fase in response to a question.

Add a Question Title and a Question Stem

Most New Quizzes question types have a "Question Title" and a Question Stem"

The question title is optional, and is not visible to students.

The question stem contains the question you want answered, and if necessary, additional instructions and information. You can use the Rich Content Editor to add content and format your question stem.

Enter or select the point value for the question


Regardless of the total number of points available in the quiz, the point value entered in the Assignment Details determines the value in the Gradebook.

The percentage of quiz points earned (as noted in the Build Page) is multiplied by the total points possible (as noted in the Assignment Details Page).

For example:

  • A quiz is set to be worth 15 points on the Details page. The quiz has ten questions, and each question is set to be worth 2 points on the Build page. Therefore, the points assigned on the Build page add up to 20.
  • If a student answers 9 questions correctly and earns 18 out of 20 points (90%), the student's score in the Gradebook would be 90% of 15, or 13.5 points (not 18 points) .
  • If a student answers all questions correctly and earns 20 out of 20 points (100%), the student score in the Gradebook would be 100% of 15, or 15 points (not 20 points).

To reduce complexity, we recommend making the Point Value in the Quiz Details page equal to the cumulative points awarded for questions in the Build page.

When finished setting up the question, click "Done"