CanvasTufts Library Reading ListsHow do I structure the list by weeks or topics?

How do I structure the list by weeks or topics?

You can add sections to a list or modify the existing sections. You can create a section for each week of the semester, sections for separate topics, or compile all your materials into one section. You will need to create at least one section before you can add library items to the list.

To add a section, click the "New Section" button at the top of your list and give the section a title, then click Create.

You can also add a description and control the visibility of the section by adding in dates. Note that the libraries don’t recommend using visibility dates, as they can cause confusion for students.

To edit an existing section, right click on the three dots to the right of the section header and choose Edit Section.

Be sure to click "Save".

To move a section, click on the bullet list to collapse the section view.

Hover over a section to highlight it and then drag the blue bar to move the section up or down.

Once you have created a section, you are ready to start adding items.