CanvasCanvas My Media/Media Gallery VideosHow to Record Webcam Video with Express Capture

How to Record Webcam Video with Express Capture

Instructors can embed a Media Gallery video in any Canvas text box, including in Announcements, Pages, Syllabus, Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions.

Students can use Express Capture wherever they see the rich content editor, including Discussion posts and Essay Questions.

NOTE: Express capture requires the browser to have access to your webcam. If you are unable or unwilling to allow these features, you should consider downloading Kaltura Capture.

Click inside any text box to position your cursor where you want to embed the video

Click the "EmbedĀ Kaltura Media" icon (looks like a flower)

Topic: Discussion - Art Museum Visits

Click on "+ Add New" and choose "Express Capture"

Allow 3rd party cookies and give the browser access to your webcam and microphone

Note: Each browser and operating system have different menus and pop-ups for enabling 3rd party cookies and webcam access in the browser. The screenshot above is from Firefox. If you are unable or unwilling to allow these features, you should consider downloading Kaltura Capture.

Choose your webcam and microphone

Often the default camera and mic settings work without any changes. 

Not sure if your mic is working? Do a quick test recording and listen to the preview.

Click the record button to start recording

Preview the recording and click "Use This" to save it

Preview your recording by pressing the play button in the center of the video. Click "Record Again" if you are unsatisfied with the video and want to re-do it.

You can also "Download a copy," but the video format that you download will be a .webm file. This format is uncommon but is playable in many video players and Google Chrome.

Update the video name and click "Save and EmbedĀ "

It is highly recommended that you name your video. Description and Tags can also help keep your videos organized but are optional.

Video will appear in the text window where you launched Express Capture

You should always confirm that your video was processed correctly.  Come back to the page or hit refresh in order to preview your video. Your video's processing time will typically be similar to the actual video length but could take up to 24 hours. 

Once the video is done processing it will automatically be sent for machine captions. You can read more about captions here: How can I get captions on My Media videos?

The video will be stored in your My Media along with any other videos that you have recorded or have access to. You can read more about My Media here: What are My Media and Media Gallery?