CanvasTufts Library Reading ListsHow do I add links to electronic articles?

How do I add links to electronic articles?

Linking to articles in the Reading List ensures students will have access to copyright-complaint resources. To search for articles, click Add Items and select Library Search, then choose Articles from the dropdown menu.

We recommend searching for the title of the article, rather than the journal name.

Select the article and click Add. The item will appear at the bottom of the section you added it to and will be available to your students immediately using the View Online link. You will not have to add in proxy information to the article link.

Articles are automatically set to Complete if the tool can find a working link for them. If the status is not Complete, library staff will be alerted and will look for a working link.

You can also add e-books or streaming media (e.g. a film available via Kanopy) by searching the catalog. e-books, and all other online resources, will also set to Complete automatically. If you add an e-book, consider adding its print counterpart if the library owns it, because some e-book collections only allow one user at a time.