CanvasTufts Library Reading ListsWhat are Canvas Reading Lists?

What are Canvas Reading Lists?

What are Reading Lists?

If your course is in Canvas you can use the Reading List Tool to create reading lists for resources in the libraries or available electronically through JumboSearch.

This tool allows you to create, edit, and organize your list, search the library catalog, and submit reserve requests to library staff without leaving Canvas  much simpler than filling out a form or compiling a list into an e-mail.  You can easily add resources to your list directly in Canvas, at any time during the semester.  You can also re-use lists from previous courses.

Students will also access your list within Canvas where they will see all materials in one place, whether print or online, with seamless access to online content on or off campus.

If you have submitted a reserve list outside of Canvas, library staff will create and publish the Reading List for you.  You can then use the Reading List tool to make additions and edits if you wish.