CanvasDepartment Administrator - Delegated AccessDepartment Administrator - Delegated Access

Department Administrator - Delegated Access

The Canvas Learning Management System organizes its academic course sites by “Sub-Accounts” (for instance: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Psychology…)

Upon request (contact: [email protected]) Department Administrators can be granted a limited administrative delegated access to all of the Canvas sites used by instructors within their sub-account.

Department Administrator access to Canvas sub-account sites allows the administrator:

  • Access to all sub-account Canvas sites
  • Access to all sub-account Question Banks
  • Permission to post “sub-account” Announcements (announcement posted to all users in the sub-account)
  • Permission to Publish course sites
  • Permission to add and remove site user accounts (Student / Teacher / TA / Designer / Observer)
  • Permission to create and manage folders and upload content to the site’s Files tool
  • Permission to create and manage Canvas course site Pages and Modules
  • Permission to create course site Announcements, Assignments, Rubrics, Discussions, Syllabus and Quizzes
  • Permission to add/delete course Calendar events
  • Permission to create and populate course site Group Sets and Groups

Department Administrator access to sub-account sites does not allow the administrator:

  • Access to any student submitted Assignment or Quiz
  • Access to any Canvas SpeedGrader function
  • Access to any student grades
  • Set the course site Home page
  • View the course site as a student
  • Copy content from one sub-account course site to another sub-account course site
  • Hide / Reorder site tools