CanvasCanvas New QuizzesHow do I Moderate a Quiz in New Quizzes?

How do I Moderate a Quiz in New Quizzes?

Canvas New Quizzes can be moderated, allowing the instructor to:

  • View each student's quiz attempt
  • View the student's score for each quiz attempt
  • View the amount of time the student spent on each attempt
  • View a log with the details of each attempt
  • Edit assessment accommodations for each student, including giving a student extra time

Go to Quizzes

Open the quiz

Find the quiz you want to open. Click on the three vertical dots to view the options menu and select "Build."

Click on the "Moderate" tab at the top of the page

The Moderate page for the quiz will be displayed

The Moderate Page shows:

[1] A list of students in the course
[2] Each student's assessment attempts
[3] The score for each attempt
[4] The time for each attempt
[5} Attempt logs
[6] Assessment accommodations (for all quizzes on the course site taken by each student)

To moderate the quiz for an individual student, click "Moderate" to the right of their name

In the "Moderate" window you can grant additional attempts, or additional time, or remove all time limits for the student. Changes you made will show in Accommodations column for that assessment, for that student.

To moderate EVERY quiz in the Canvas course for an individual student, click the Accommodations Edit icon (pencil) for that student

Use the Time Adjustments dropdown menu to set time accommodations for this student on EVERY quiz posted on the course.