CanvasAdding Apps to CanvasHow do I install an external app in my course site?

How do I install an external app in my course site?

Canvas allows you to add new tools and features by using LTI apps. Software developers, textbook publishers, and other educational technology providers offer LTI apps that can be integrated with Canvas.

Users have two ways to add apps to Canvas@Tufts: Install pre-approved apps from the Canvas App Center or request the review and installation of a new app from ETS.

Adding an app from the Canvas App Center

The Canvas@Tufts App Center shows a collection of tools that have been pre-approved by Tufts for use with your Canvas course. To install one of these apps, follow these instructions: How do I use the Canvas App Center in a course?

Some apps require additional information before they can be added to your course (such as a "consumer key"). Contact [email protected] with your course name and number and the name of the app you are attempting to install.

Apps currently in the Canvas App Center

App Support contact Additional information required to install?
GoReact Supported by the vendor: GoReact Support Yes: contact [email protected]
LTI Maps
Supported by the developer: [email protected]
Macmillan Learning Supported by the vendor: Macmillan Learning Support Yes: contact [email protected]
Pearson MyLab and Mastering Supported by the vendor: Pearson Support
Yes: contact [email protected]
Redirect Tool Supported by ETS: [email protected]
TRUE+WAY ASL Supported by the vendor: [email protected] Yes: contact [email protected]
Vista Higher Learning Supported by the vendor: VHL Support
Yes: contact [email protected]
Visual Classrooms
Supported by the vendor:
Yes: contact [email protected]
WileyPLUS Supported by the vendor: WileyPLUS Support
Yes: contact [email protected]

The following approved apps are not visible in the app center because they are already installed account-wide. Most can be activated by going to a course site's Settings and enabling them in the Navigation. See the "Additional Information" links to learn how to activate and use these tools.

Requesting a new app

Many educational software tools can be integrated with Canvas; however, not all are listed in our App Center. Instructors and departmental staff can request that any new app be installed in a course (or multiple courses). However, apps that are not listed in the App Center must be vetted to see if they meet Tufts' security and accessibility standards.

The request and approval process is as follows:

  1. An instructor or staff member requests a new app installation by emailing [email protected].
  2. An Educational Technology Specialist from ETS will contact the requestor to discuss the request and gather more information.
  3. If there are existing tools integrated with Canvas that meet the same needs, the Educational Technology Specialist will suggest these to the requestor and assist with setup.
  4. Otherwise, ETS will facilitate a Technology Review. The review includes an analysis of information security practices, accessibility, and any user agreements or contractual terms. It involves several groups within TTS, including Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and the IT License and Contract Manager.
  5. After the Technology Review is complete, ETS will contact the requestor to discuss the results of the review. If the results are satisfactory, the app will be installed in the requestor's course site or sub-account.

When to submit a new app request

Instructors and staff members are welcome to request a new app at any time; Educational Technology Services will begin the review process as soon as a request is received. However, the Technology Review often takes several weeks to complete. To ensure that an app is approved and installed by the time your course starts, we recommend you submit requests by the following dates:

  • Request an app by April 1 for use in a summer semester course.
  • Request an app by July 15 for use in a fall semester course.
  • Request an app by November 15 for use in a spring semester course.