CanvasCanvas AssignmentsHow do I create an audio or video assignment?

How do I create an audio or video assignment?

Instructors can create a Media Recording assignment, which requires the student to submit an audio or video file.

Students can choose to submit a media file they made previously or to create a media file on the spot using their computer's webcam and microphone.

For student instructions, see: How do students submit a Canvas Audio / Video Assignment?

Go to Assignments

Course navigation menu with Assignments highlighted

Click Add (+) Assignment

Add Assignment button highlighted

Enter the Assignment name and description

Assignment creation screen with text field for assignment title and text box for assignment description highlighted

Enter Assignment details

Assignment creation screen with Points text field and Assignment Group dropdown and Display Grade as dropdown highlighted

Enter the Point Value, select an Assignment Group, and select how the grade will be displayed. For more information on Assignment details, see How do I add or edit details in an assignment?

Under Submission Type, select "Online" and "Media Recordings"

Assignment creation screen with Submission Type details box. Online is selected from dropdown menu and Media Recordings box is checked.

Under Assign, set the Due date/time, Available date/time and Until date/time

Assignment creation screen with Assign section shown and dates filled in for Due, Available From and Until

Click Save & Publish (or Save)

Save and Publish button highlighted

Review student submissions in SpeedGrader

Example view of SpeedGrader after a student submits a Media Recording Assignment

In the SpeedGrader document window, the media recording will appear. Annotation tools are not available, but instructors can add assignment comments and grades in the sidebar.