CanvasCompetency ChecklistStudents - How do I request an assessment from faculty?

Students - How do I request an assessment from faculty?

Go to the Competency Checklist and navigate to the relevant competency.

See How do I navigate the Competency Checklist?

After you have completed your self-assessment of this competency (see How do I complete a self-assessment?) the Instructor button will display an email icon.

Click on the Instructor button.

The assessment request form appears.

Select an Assessor from the dropdown menu.

Enter any relevant comments.

Comments will be sent to the instructor in the assessment request email.

Click the Make Request button.

An email is sent to the selected instructor with the details of the assessment request. When the instructor logs into Canvas and goes to the Competency Checklist, they will see an active Pending Assessments button which they can select to complete the assessment.

The Instructor button for the competency is now yellow and an hourglass icon appears.

To trigger an email reminder to your instructor to complete the competency, select the yellow Instructor button.

To cancel the assessment request, click the X next to the yellow Instructor button.

After the instructor completes the assessment, you will receive an email with the results of your assessment. The Instructor button for the competency will also change color and display a different icon.

If the instructor indicated that you have demonstrated the competency, the Instructor button turns green and displays a checkmark.

If the instructor indicates that you have not demonstrated the competency, or that they can't assess you, the Instructor button returns to gray and the email icon reappears.