How do I use account calendars?

Department admins and other sub-account admins have access to an account calendar, which can be used to display events and important dates.  Users in a sub-account can be auto-subscribed to an account calendar.

Go to the Admin badge and click on the account name

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link, then click the name of the account.

Open Account Calendars

In Account Navigation, click the Account Calendars link.

Select a calendar

Select the calendars you want to activate by checking the box next to the calendar name. You will see a calendar for each sub-account under the account you manage.

Choose subscription options

By default, all calendars are set to the "Manual subscribe" option. This gives users the option to add the account calendar to their Other Calendars list.

To automatically display the account calendar in the user's Other Calendars list, click the Manual subscribe drop-down menu and select the Auto subscribe option.

If you set the calendar to the default Manual subscribe option, users will have to find and subscribe to the calendar before they can see your events. To ensure that users can see your calendar, select Auto subscribe. Users will still have the option to temporarily hide the calendar or unsubscribe from it.

Click the Apply Changes button

To add events to an account calendar, open the Canvas Calendar

Click on a date on the calendar to add an event

If you selected "Auto subscribe," the calendar will appear in the Other Calendars area. If you selected "Manual subscribe," click the plus button next to Other Calendars to add the account calendar.

Add event details

Enter a title for the event and enter a date in the date field.

Enter times in the "From:" and "To:" time fields or leave them blank to create an all-day event.

Enter a Location, or leave it blank.

In the Calendar drop-down menu, select the account calendar.

To add a description, click the More Options button.

Submit the event