CanvasTidyUPWhat is TidyUP?

What is TidyUP?

TidyUp is a simple and easy to use utility that offers instructors, TAs and Course Designers a comprehensive look at all of the content in a course site - including files, folders and Canvas content. 

  1. Identify and delete all files that are not being used in your course.
  2. See what files are being used in your course and where they are being used.
  3. Find empty folders in the files section of your course and delete them.
  4. View a list of all your Canvas pages, assignments, quizzes or discussions with information about each page and the ability to delete multiple pages at once.

Files: (Features)

  • Determine which files are used in content or not. Determined by links to the file from Canvas content. 
  • Quickly view file size and when a file was last updated. 
  • View where individual files are being used in a course. 
  • Filter by type of file (video files, images, presentations) and whether a file is in use or not. 
  • Preview images and other file information such as whether the file is locked or hidden. 
  • Select and delete individual files or any group of filtered files. 

Folders: (Features)

  • View all empty folders and delete them one at a time or all at once. 
  • View all files along with information about how many files and subfolders each contains and the parent folder. 

Canvas Content: (Features)

  • View all pages, assignments, quizzes, and discussions from your course with information about how each is used, whether it is published or not, whether it has content and the date it was last updated. 
  • Filter by type of content, sort any of the columns or search for a specific phrase to identify a set of content and delete content items one at a time or all at once.