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Differences between Canvas Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes

Canvas has a New Quizzes tool which Tufts faculty can use in their courses. The existing, or "Classic", quiz tool will also remain available.

The New Quizzes tool is still in development. When it becomes fully featured, there will be a transition to New Quizzes. We will provide updates on that timeline.

Below are some of the current notable differences between Canvas "Classic" and "New" quizzes.

Quiz Questions

  • New Quizzes includes two new question types: "Ordering" and "Hot Spot".
  • In New Quizzes, "shuffle answers" can be set per question (as well as globally).
  • There are no "Question Groups" in new Quizzes.

Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor (RCE) in Canvas New Quizzes is currently different from the RCE in the rest of Canvas, as its features are still being built. You currently cannot link to documents, images or videos previously uploaded to your course Files. All images must be uploaded directly to the quiz from your computer. Videos must either be uploaded from your computer or added with an embed code.

The New Quizzes Rich Content Editor currently does not include:

  • Audio and video recording via the RCE
  • Content Selector Sidebar
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Apps and LTI tools
  • HTML Editor
  • Media Recorder
  • Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

While not currently available, many of these features are in the process of being developed for the Rich Text Editor in New Quizzes.

Quiz Feedback Setting

  • In Classic Quizzes, the default is that students cannot see feedback unless the instructor checks the feedback boxes in quiz settings.
  • In New Quizzes, the default is that students can see all feedback and the instructor has to “restrict” feedback in the quiz settings.


  • New Quizzes have two settings that impact the total point value of the quiz.

One is in the quiz details, and is called Set Total Points, and the other is the cumulative value of points assigned to questions. When you set up your quiz, make sure these two numbers are equal. Otherwise, Canvas will calculate the quiz grade as follows:

A quiz grade is based on the percentage of quiz points earned (according to point values assigned to individual questions) multiplied by total points possible (according to the quiz details).

For example, if a student earns 18 out of 20 points (90%) on a quiz worth 15 points in the assignment details, the student's score in the Gradebook would be 90% of 15, or 13.5.

  • The “hidden” icon (eye with a line through it) is not displayed in the Canvas gradebook for hidden New Quizzes grades, although it is displayed in the SpeedGrader.
  • Ungraded New Quizzes are not shown in the “To Do” list for instructors.

Quiz Moderation

  • In New Quizzes, when extending time for a given student, you can provide the extension for all of that student's quizzes at once, instead of having to moderate each quiz individually.

Migrating Quizzes

Currently there are limitations on how you migrate quizzes from Classic to New Quizzes, including:

  • To copy New Quizzes from one course to another, you cannot use the regular "Copy Course" feature which is typically used to to copy course sites, (e.g from one semester to another). New Quizzes in the old site will not copy with the "Copy Course" feature, but instead must be copied manually, one at a time.
  • When you use the "Copy Course" feature, Classic quizzes and surveys will be copied to the new course but will remain Classic quizzes. You will then have to turn each Classic quiz into a New Quiz, one at a time.
  • A Classic Quiz can be exported from a course, and then imported into a course as a New Quiz.
  • New Quizzes can be copied from one Canvas course site to another using the "Copy To..." item in the Quiz Options menu.

Migrating Question Banks

Canvas Classic Question Banks cannot currently be migrated to Canvas New Quizzes Item Banks. A workaround is noted below.

  • To migrate a Classic Question Bank into a New Quizzes Item Bank, the bank must first be ported into a Classic Quiz (not a New Quiz) on the old course site. Then that Classic Quiz must be migrated to the new site into Classic Quizzes, and each question has to be placed, one at a time, into the new Item Bank.
  • In New Quizzes, questions can be stored in Item Banks and used in other New Quizzes in the same course, or other Canvas courses.


  • In New Quizzes, Instructors and TAs can create quizzes, but Course Designers currently cannot.


  • Surveys can be migrated from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. However, the survey will be migrated as a standard quiz, because New Quizzes does not include a survey feature.

Blueprint Courses

  • New Quizzes in Canvas Blueprint courses do not update in associated courses. The New Quizzes are initially copied but later changes to a New Quizzes assessment are not included in subsequent sync attempts.

More Information

A comprehensive list of current differences in the quiz tools is here:

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Please note these differences will change as the New Quizzes tool continues to be developed.

Canvas' complete user guide for New Quizzes is here: