CanvasDepartment Administrator - Delegated AccessHow do I add users to a Canvas site within my delegated access subaccount?

How do I add users to a Canvas site within my delegated access subaccount?

Department Administrators that have delegated access to their sub-account can add users to any Canvas course site within the sub-account.

After logging into Canvas, click on the Admin icon in the left navigation panel

This displays the Canvas sub-account you have delegated access

Click on the name of the sub-account

Note: The example here is for a sub-account named "Canvas Demo Courses". Your sub-account will reflect your delegated access (Example: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, Education...)

This displays your sub-account administration page

Use the "All Terms" dropdown box to filter your search for sub-account courses offered in a particular Term

Use the "Course" dropdown box to filter your search by either "course" or "Teacher" (Instructor)

Use the "Search Courses" box to type in any course keyword or number

This displays links to the sub-account course sites based on your specified filters and keywords

Click on the Plus Sign (+) to the right of the course name you want to add an account

This displays an "Add People" panel

Select "Add Users by Email address" then type in the user's email address

Note: If the user is part of the Tufts community be sure to enter their Tufts email address

If the user is from outside of the Tufts community, add their non-Tufts email address. Canvas will send them an email with instructions on how to create a guest password.

Use the "Role" dropdown box to select a course site role for the user

Student: User has student access to the site and can access content, submit assignments, participate in discussions and take quizzes

Teacher: (Instructor): User has complete access to all of the functionality available on the course site and can grade student submissions

TA: Same access as a Teacher (including the permission to grade student submissions)

Designer (Course Builder) Can manage all course content, create assignments and quizzes but does not have access to any student submissions or student grades

Observer (Guest): Read only access

Click Next

This displays a verification of the user account

Click Add Users

This adds the user account to the Canvas site as "Pending".  The user must log into Canvas and "accept" the course invitation (posted on their Dashboard) before they can access the course site.