Canvas Department Administrator - Delegated AccessHow do I post a sub-account announcement?

How do I post a sub-account announcement?

Department Administrators that have delegated access to their sub-account can post an announcement to any (or all) users having an account on any site within the sub-account.

The sub-account announcement is posted on each individual user's Dashboard and can be dismissed by the user once read.

After logging into Canvas, click on the Admin icon in the left navigation panel

This displays the Canvas sub-account you have delegated access

Click on the name of the sub-account

Note: The example here is for a sub-account named "Canvas Demo Courses". Your sub-account will reflect your delegated access (Example: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, Education...)

This displays your sub-account administration page

Click on "Settings"

This displays the Settings page for the sub-account

Click the Announcements tab

This displays the Global Announcements page for the sub-account.

Click Add (+) New Announcement

This displays the Add New Announcement form

Complete the Announcement form data

[1] In the Title field, type the title of the announcement.

[2] In the Announcement type field, set the Announcement type (warning, error, information, question, or calendar). See:

[3] In the Message field, create the announcement using the Rich Content Editor. The Rich Content Editor includes a word count display below the bottom right corner of the text box.

[4] In the Send to section, select the roles of users who should see the announcement. You can select both course and account roles. If no roles are selected, the announcement will display for everyone with a course in the sub-account.

[5] Choose the start and end dates for the announcement by typing in the fields or selecting the Calendaricons (required).

[6] Click the Publish Announcement button. This displays the Announcement on the user's Canvas Dashboard.