CanvasCanvas New QuizzesHow do I manage quiz settings in Canvas New Quizzes?

How do I manage quiz settings in Canvas New Quizzes?

You can adjust the delivery settings for an assessment in New Quizzes. These options will change the way an assessment is delivered to students.

Go to Quizzes in Canvas and click the quiz title to open it

In the quiz click on Settings

NOTE: if students have begun taking the quiz, you will see a warning message.

The settings shown can be toggled on or off for the quiz. Description of these are below

Shuffle Questions

When Shuffle questions is turned on, the questions displayed to any given student will appear in a randomly shuffled order.

When Shuffle questions is turned off, questions will display in the order you designate in the quiz.

Note:  Item bank questions that have been added in a group will continue to be randomized within that group whether this setting is turned on or off.

Shuffle Answers

When Shuffle Answers is turned on, the order of the answers for multiple choice, multiple answer, and matching quiz questions will be shuffled.

When Shuffle Answers is turned off, answers will display in the order you designate in the questions.

Note:  Shuffling answers does not guarantee the order is displayed differently to every student. Some students will receive the same answer order,  depending on the number of answers for each question.

One Question at a Time

When One question at a time is turned on, students will only see one question on screen at a time.

To allow students to backtrack to previous questions in an assessment, click the Allow Backtracking checkbox. Allow Backtracking is enabled by default.

When One question at a time is turned off, students will see the questions in a continuous list on screen.

Require a Student Access Code

When Require a student access code is turned on, students will have to enter an access code to take the assessment. Enter the code in the field provided, and make a note of it to send to students.

To view a the access code while you type it, check Show access code.

Time Limit

When Time limit is turned on, you can set a time limit for an assessment. Enter the time limit using the Hours and Minutes fields.

NOTE: The time limit begins when the student starts the quiz by clicking "Begin Quiz". Once started, the timer will continue even if the student loses their internet connection, or logs out of Canvas.

A quiz is automatically submitted when the time limit expires, or on the "Until" date and time -- whichever comes first.

When Time limit is turned off, there will be no limit on the amount of time a student can take to complete the quiz, up until the "Until" date and time is reached.

Filter IP Addresses

When Filter IP addresses is turned on, you can require require students to take a quiz from a specific computer lab or space. Enter the allowed IP range in the Allowed IP range fields. To add multiple IP ranges, click the Add Allowed range link.

When Filter IP addresses is turned off, computers in any location can be used to take the assessment.

Allow Calculator

When Allow Calculator is turned on, an on-screen calculator is made available throughout the assessment. Choose either the Basic or Scientific calculator option.

NOTE: The Basic calculator displays only numbers and basic mathematical functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide). The Scientific calculator displays more options for advanced calculations.

Allow Multiple Attempts

When Allow multiple attempts is turned on, a student can take the assessment more than once.

To assign which score to keep for student grades, choose an option in the Score to keep drop-down menu. You can choose to keep the highest score, latest score, or average score.

When Allow multiple attempts is turned off, a student can take the assessment only once.

Allowed Attempts

If Allow multiple attempts is turned on, and Allowed attempts is set to Unlimited, students will be able to take the assessment an unlimited number of times.

To place a limit on the number of attempts, chose Limited, then select the number of attempts you want to allow.

Waiting Period

When Require time between attempts is checked, students will be required to wait a set amount of time before attempting the assessment again. Select the days, hours, and minutes to set how long students must wait before they can begin a new attempt.

Restrict Student Result View

NOTE: If you do not want students to see anything (after they submit the quiz) except a submission confirmation, the "Restrict student result view" setting must be turned on, and all the settings boxes beneath it must be unchecked.

[1] Turn on Restrict student results view to set limits on what students can see after they submit the quiz.

If this switch is turned on and no boxes are checked, students wil not be abe to see anything except a quiz submission confirmation and their grade, when it is posted.

[2] Check to show points awarded for each question and overall
[3] Check to show points possible for the question and overall
[4] Check to show the questions and possible answers
[5] Check to show the response the student submitted
[6] Check to show whether the student's response was correct or incorrect
[7] Check to show the student the correct response
[8] Check to display question feedback

Note:  Students can still see their assessment grades in the Gradebook when the "Restrict student result view" option is enabled. To completely hide grades from students, you will need to enable a Manual posting policy in the Gradebook.

Other Quiz Settings

To edit the total points, assignment group, due date, availability date and until date for a quiz created in New Quizzes, go to Quizzes in the Canvas course, and click on the Options icon (3 vertical dots) to the right of the quiz name and select Edit.