CanvasCombining Canvas Course Sites (Cross-listing)How do I Combine (Cross-list) Canvas course sites?

How do I Combine (Cross-list) Canvas course sites?

Instructors can combine any of their Canvas Course sites into a single site.

NOTE: manually combining two or more course sites in Canvas will only affect Canvas. It will not also combine their course evaluations. If you wish to also combine the course evaluations, the courses must be cross-listed in SIS.

Go to Canvas Dashboard and decide which sites you would like to combine and which site will be the Parent site and which will be the Child site

Note:  The Parent site will become the site that all users will have an account on and where all of the course content and activities will need to be located.

Any Content or Activities on the Child Site will be lost. Make sure the Child Site contains no content or activities.

Go to the Home Page of the Parent site and copy the Course ID number located in the URL address

In this example, the Course ID number of the Parent Course site is 846

Go to your Dashboard and then go to the Home page of the Child site.

Click Settings

Select the Sections Tab

This displays the single section in the Child site.

Click on the name of the Section

This displays the detail of the section

Click Cross-List this Section

This displays the cross-listing panel

In the Box marked Or Enter the Course's ID, paste the Parent Course ID number

Click anywhere outside of this box

This displays the Parent Course under "Selected Course"

Click Cross-List this Section

This will combine the 2 Canvas Course Sites

Note: This process can be repeated adding another Child site to the same Parent site

Go to Dashboard

Note that the Child site is no longer displayed on your Dashboard

Go to the Parent Site and Click on the People tool

Note that the site now contains student accounts from both the Child and the Parent sites.

When Creating an Assignment or a Quiz, you can assign it to Everyone or to an individual section