CanvasTufts Library Reading ListsHow do I create a Reading List?

How do I create a Reading List?

Open your course site in Canvas and click Reading Lists in the menu on the left.

Library staff may have created a list for you if you already requested to place materials on reserve for the course. If so, the list will open, and you can make additions and edits if you wish.

If your course does not yet have a list, you’ll see an introductory screen.

Scroll down to the heading “Create a new reading list from scratch” and click Create It.

The default title for your list will be the course number, but you can change it if you wish. Click Create.

Choose Default from the template options.

The Default template creates a Reading List with one section called Resources. You’re now ready to begin adding items to your Reading List.

If you’d like, you can also add additional sections. Click New Section and give your section a title.

You may choose to create a different section for each week of the semester, create separate sections for different materials (books, scores, films, etc.), group required and recommended readings into separate sections, or list all items in one section. You can enter optional start and end dates to control when the section is visible to students. If you leave the dates blank, the sections will be viewable for as long as the reading list is viewable.